What is the Mentoring Network?

The aim of the KCFA Mentoring Network is to help beginning and transitioning farmers to set up their new farms better and quicker. It was developed in recognition of the fact that such farmers in Nova Scotia are able to acquire lots of good information on farming through courses at Dal AC, Perennia, NSCC etc. but the next vital step is to acquire local, day to day advice from experienced farmers.  Mentoring has long been recognized as one of the most successful ways to provide such information and guidance.

How does the Network work?

If you are a new or transitioning farmer you simply answer a few simple questions stating the type of information you are looking for, where you farm (or hope to farm) and your contact information and submit to the KCFA.   A moderator will then find a suitable mentor farmer for you and hook the two of you up.   You are then free to establish a working relationship together.

If you are an experienced farmer and wish to share your expertise with the new generation of farmers then you simply fill-in an information form where you can detail how much time and energy you are willing to dedicate to the Network.  The KCFA will then contact you and make sure you are comfortable with the information before it is made public on the Mentor List – please note that no direct contact information will be revealed on the web site. You will simply be identified by the commodities you are willing to give advice on and your locale.  The moderator will contact you when a request comes in from a mentee farmer and your contacts will only be released after you  have given approval.

How long do I have to stay on the Network?

You are free to terminate any mentor – mentee partnership at any time. You can contact the KCFA for assistance at any time to assist with any difficult conversations.   You can have your entry removed from the Mentor List at any time.

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